"Building Value"

As one of the largest lumber providers in the world, Interfor focuses on delivering high volumes of multi-grade lumber. 3.2 billion board feet per year to be exact, and that number continues to grow.  Though they're based out of British Columbia, this company has been implementing a sawmill acquisition strategy since 2003 which involves purchasing and revamping sawmills all across the United States.


Monticello, Arkansas

Hometown Crew was commissioned to document the story of a sawmill installing new technology as part of Interfor's long history of capital projects.  If you've ever heard the phrase "Better, Faster, Stronger," this project encompassed exactly that.  The new technology boasted massive increases in efficiency, speed and ROI while simultaneously reducing environmental impact.  While pursuing investors to bolster their continued growth model, Interfor wanted to create supplemental films to showcase very specific information to multiple audiences regarding the equipment transition as well as their vision for growth, excellence and customer service moving into the future.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 2.52.08 PM.png
A sawmill is a raging, violent campus of loud machinery that demands respect and awareness.  Interfor's top priority is safety, and it is taken very seriously.  Our team felt safe during the entire project, and we left each phase with quality material that covered the full scope of their new working capital and advanced operational processes.
We interviewed employees from several divisions.  From mill managers and engineers all the way up to the CFO, we captured multiple perspectives and insight into this exciting project.  It was apparent to us that every person along the way had a critical job to fulfill in order for making this whole project a success.  When brilliant minds come together, it's simply amazing what can be accomplished.

The best part about our job is that we learn an incredible amount about each of our clients and the fascinating industries that comprise huge corners of our economy.  It's easy to make your way through the Southeast in complete disregard of the millions of managed forest acres you pass along the highway.  These trees are actually part of a $10+ billion industry and Interfor is just one of the many companies in this expansive timber industry.