Waffle House - "Summertime & Lemonade"

Who loves Waffle House?  Who loves Minute-Made Lemonade?  Put them together, what do you have?  We're not sure but that's what we wanted to find out. Waffle House's next music video for their hot new single, Summertime & Lemonade by Braden Buckner was a broad collaboration with some talented creatives in the Atlanta area.  While Braden can definitely get down slingin' lines in rhythm, his vocabulary may be a bit deep to run with ATL's booming hip hop scene.  But that won't stop him from boosting brand awareness for Coca-Cola's Minute-Made Lemonade, gracing Waffle Houses around the country with its deliciousness and unlimited refills.  
Our Crew featured our regular personnel, but this time we got a chance to hook up with Brett Mayfield, a steadicam op here in Atlanta.  It was our first time working directly with an SC Op, and we were both thrilled and blown away by how much value a single guy could bring to a set.  He's been at it for 5 years now, getting his start in LA then eventually moving to the southeast to tackle the booming film industry here in our backyard.  He was phenomenal at his craft, and we were able to work with him 5 days later on another production.
There's nothing quite like working with people who are 1. both excellent and passionate about what they do but 2. fun and easy-going.  It's the perfect combination of attributes I want in a crew.  Fortunately for us, Braden had pieced our shot list together efficiently, so we were able to relax and have a lot of fun while executing the project.  I personally believe any end product is affected by the atmosphere of the shoot.  You can just tell when a film was fun to make.  This one was fun, and I think Waffle House will get a lot of value out of the hard work that Braden and our crew put into making this music video.
Written and Directed by Braden Buckner
Vocals by James Shealy
Recorded, Mastered and Co-Written by Paul Reeves of Domus Sound
Mixed by Tony Terrebonne
Beat by Jordan Roe
Director of Photography // Kevin Johnson
Lighting // Aaron Marsh
Assistant Cam Op & BTS // Drew Jacoby
Steadicam // Brett Mayfield
Grips, Support & Extras // Wes and Garrett Hine
Cast // James Shealy, Julia Shealy & Brigette Rothenberger